What Strategies should Reputation Repair Service Avoid to Build Positive Image?

You should choose a reputation management service provider using white hat tactics. These would be acceptable techniques adhering to best practices laid down by Google. You should rest assured that white hat techniques have been completely transparent. Hersh Davis-Nitzberg would rely on proper SEO strategies and high-quality content.

However, other available white hat practices would be inclusive of taking time to respond in a proactive manner to various negative situations. Hersh Davis-Nitzberg would make reputable sites to write about you or feature your business in a positive manner online. The reputation management service using white hat techniques would take some time but would provide safe and long-term results.

On the other hand, black hat techniques tend to work quickly. However, it would be relatively more risky and aggressive. Chances are higher that popular search engines would ban you, as and when they catch you practicing black hat strategies. In event of an online reputation management service looks forward to using any of the below-mentioned strategies, you should look for another company.

  • Creating fake accounts

The company looks forward to creating fake accounts on review websites. They would use the accounts for publishing positive reviews. They may pay users to boost ratings as well. They may also create fake blogs or sites for covering up any negative reviews or results pertaining to individual or business.

  • Invisible text

It entails placing of additional keywords on the site. The reputation management service would write the keywords on the page but would be hidden. It would be of the same color as the text or background of the page.

  • Link spamming

It encompasses the creation of several links to positive content to make search engine rank the positive content highly.

  • Keyword stuffing

Using this technique, the reputation management service would pack several keywords into the metadata of the site for increased search rankings.