What is the best and cheapest free zone Trade License option in UAE?

While talking about the best as well as the cheapest free zone, the one preferred the most is SHAMS Free Zone. The people who are looking forward to setting up their business in a place which is affordable for their low budget businesses, SHAMS Free Zone is the best option.

What are the perks in SHAMS Free Zone?

It is not preferred just because of being cheap but also a lot of perks are joined to this free zone. You do not need to have a visa to open a business set up here. Also, you can easily get the office at the expense of government off around AED 11,500. There are some other expenses as well in which some amount is refundable. Al other free zones are good too but it is the cheapest of them all. Note that VAT is not included in the prices.

Documents required to set up a business in SHAMS Free Zone

Only your passport and visa copy is required as a document and all other functions will be handled by the helping teams. Also, I there are any further requirements, they will inform you about them as well.


You will get your license in no more than 4 days (working days). This will help you in starting your business in a very less time while making you provide your services as soon as possible.

Ajman and RAK (Ras Al Khaimah)

They are also considered to be the cheapest free zones but it depends upon the type of activities as well. This is because not all of the activities in these free zones are cheapest from all other zones.

To solve this problem of yours, you should better check what services provision is cheapest here. If you find out that the services you want to provide are cheapest, you can start your business here or else check the other free zones.’

For business set up in Ajman, you get to pay the amounts in monthly instalments rather than paying it all in advance. This is an attractive option for the ones who are unable to pay large amounts in an instant. Visit here for more information about Ajman trade license

Get the best free zone services

Due to free zone services, you can get to know about the price range of different free zones. In this way, you would be able to choose the best option for your business. Also, they will guide you regarding your activities and services as well.

They can also help you with visa systems and you can talk to them about the business combination you want to indulge in. they will give you a better piece of advice thus you would be able to take a good decision.

Getting these services from trustworthy people is as important as setting up your business. If you do not trust the person for his services, taking his services is not worth it. It is about your business and you should act carefully. For RAK company formation Click here.