Want to reach Out To Panasonic Air Conditioning Distributor

Few Important Tips To Follow


The process of selecting the ideal HVAC distributor is a crucial task. It’s because not every distributor is the same or works in the same way. You need to get your research done here. And only then you might have access to a decent air conditioner.

Just like any other services, even the air conditioner distributors have a negative reputation. And the main reason why there’s a bad reputation is because of their unprofessional attitude. They don’t service the customers in a way to maintain customer good-will.

But that shouldn’t make you reluctant to the air conditioner distributors. Instead, you need to arrive at a tactic that would enable you to reach out and manage the HVAC distributors the correct way. Whether you are connecting with a Panasonic air conditioning distributor or any other, the following guidelines will always be useful.

  1. Always get cautious of distributors who provide an estimate on the phone

No two air conditioner requirements can be the same, even if the customers select the same HVAC model.

Hence, the charge required too can’t be the same. In short, there isn’t one size that fits all. Different people will have different requirements. And an air conditioner distributor can’t certainly spell the costs in the exact amount, till such time he understands the customer requirement.

Hence, if you find that your distributor is too sure of the service charge or the product price even before realizing what you need, be alert.

Selecting the best air conditioner from a reputed distributor means addressing questions like:

  • What model do you want?
  • Where do you want the device to get placed?
  • How are your windows placed?
  • Can your room/house electric capacity support air conditioner model that you are selecting?
  • Do you need a new switchboard to get installed?

All these questions can be asked over the phone, but to ensure that each issue is addressed well the distributor needs to go beyond the phone conversation. He might tell you the approximate cost, but not the final investment amount that you need to make.

A true distributor will send his staff to your residence to check out whether it is conducive to install the air conditioner that you are asking for. So, if you find any distributor making final decisions directly on the phone, you might want to give it a second thought.

  1. Be careful of an air conditioner distributor who doesn’t listen to your requirements

Excellent customer service is the key to business success! And one of the basics of excellent customer service is to listen to the customer and his/her needs patiently.

Hence, an expert and ace air conditioner distributor is one who can listen to their customer needs and queries and then suggest the solution. If you find that the air conditioner distributor that you come across only is promoting their product line, without understanding your requirement, you need to switch on to another distributor.

  1. Make sure that your air conditioner distributor has the best experience

When it comes to experience, it needs to be a fine balance between the number of years in business and the product quality of the distributor. Sometimes, an air conditioner distributor can be there in business till 25 years, but their service standard could be just average.

Similarly, there can be another distributor whose market experience could be about over ten years, and yet they might be known for their excellent product line, availability, client servicing both pre and post sales. One of the best ways to ascertain that a distributor is well experienced is to check out the customer feedback and other reviews available online.

This way you can compare two or more air conditioner distributors and select the one that is best suited for your requirement.

  1. The product range offered by the air conditioner distributor

Similar to a showroom it is essential for an air-conditioner distributor to have their product range updated. Else it might reflect poorly on the brand.

For instance, if you are dealing with an ace Panasonic air conditioning distributor, he needs to provide you with the details of the existing and the latest air condition models that are available.

Having a couple of models and promoting the same will cut a poor impression. Hence, if you find that a distributor is only providing you with a couple of air conditioner models of the concerned brand, you need to be wary of the distributor.

  1. Make sure that the distributor is not getting rid of old stock

As new products come in the market, the old either needs to be completely sold out or discontinued based on the performance level. Sometimes, air conditioner distributors try to get rid of an old model either by providing great discounts or designing freebies and other offers surrounding it.

And when they provide you with the products available, they promote the old product more than the new ones.  Sometimes, these could be dysfunctional models that might be difficult to get services post sales.

Hence, if you find that the distributor is forcing you to select a particular model, ensure that you check out the necessary details of the model online.

  1. A registered and licensed distributor

It is essential for a distributor to have their license and also get registered under the required servicing standard and authority. It is always better to join hands with a registered and licensed air-conditioner distributor as then you can charge a complaint if there’s a need and get a cash refund for unsatisfactory services.

You can’t do that same when a distributor is not registered. In fact, if an air conditioner distributor is not registered, then he shouldn’t be carrying out business in an illegal manner.  You can always question the distributor about the registration before you conclude.

Choosing the best air conditioner distributor requires careful planning, research and proper reviewing of the services provided. Searching for distributors today through an online search and cold calls have become very easy today.

However, the task is to ensure that the distributor is a genuine one. The above-mentioned ways can help you get to the best air conditioner distributor.