Understanding Sourcing & Sourcing Agents and their benefits

Sourcing is the “location, acquisition and management of all the vital inputs required for an organization to operate. This includes raw materials, component parts, products, and labour in all its forms, location and services.” Sourcing is a component of supply chain management for improving and re-evaluating purchasing activities. Sourcing is an activity in which a company and service provider in a business relationship focus on shared goals.

Sourcing is a critical activity used at both tactical and strategic levels. It is concerned with what needs to be purchased, why, when and where. The concept is created to help supply chain managers and practitioners to improve, develop and implement strategic sourcing strategies. One of the most common uses of sourcing is in supply chain management.

How sourcing companies or agents help ones business:

  • By finding the best manufacturer and supplier for ones product
  • By assisting in negotiations and translation
  • By informing about product development and giving assurance of quality
  • By helping with logistics and freight forwarding
  • By auditing existing suppliers

Some Sourcing companies provide one with many services like Travelling arrangement, Shipping and documentation, warehousing, industrial manufacturing, promotion and retail merchandise, certification and much more. The Leeline Sourcing Company has been in market with good reputation, giving the customers with maximum comfort regardless of order quantity.

While importing goods from other countries, the customer can face the issues like:

  • Having a lot of choices and finding it hard to choose the best out of similar distinguishable products also the legitimate one.
  • Not be able to get competitive prices when majority of factories will demand high MOQ or order amount.
  • Endless delay in shipping and defective products with no warranty even after your payment.

But having a sourcing agent can help the customer with such issues and benefit him in many different ways:

  • By providing the customer with the product from many different most suitable factories and collect the products to ship together for less shipping cost.
  • As the sourcing agents have relations with factories from years and thus elimination the poor quality factory, they can provide the customer with the products from best selected factories with guaranteed quality.
  • They can communicate with different factories about every aspect of the order details, saving the customer’s time.