Thousands of Tourists Connected the YadnyaKasada Ritual in Mt. Bromo’s Crater Rim

Even though the chilly temperature that stood around 10 degree Celsius hovered around the area almost the whole duration, locals from several villages across the mountain as well as both domestic and international tourists were meticulously following each phase of YadnyaKasada’s rituals.

For many days the four major entry points to Mount Bromo hundreds of 4-wheel-drive jeeps especially prepped for the brutal terrain of Mount Bromo were filled with tourists that came from far and wide to observe this unique once a year tradition.

The PendopoAgung (Great Hall) of this NgadisariVillage was the first point of this Yadnya Canada. Various stages of the ritual took place here starting in 07.00pm West Indonesia Time. At midnight, the procession of a massive assortment of offerings walked to the Pura (Temple) LuhurPoten at the sea of deserts at the foot of Mount Bromo. There Dukuns (Shamans), elders, Tenggerese Public figures, as well as the entire Tengger community gathered to pray to Almighty God for reassurance, security, fantastic fortune, and prosperity. Nearing the first rays of dawn, all offerings have been carried up to the border of Mount Bromo’s crater, and prepared to be thrown into the deep fiery cauldron.

At the pinnacle of this ritual, the offerings had been finally thrown one by one into the crater including vegetables, fruit, livestock, flowers, and money, an expression of gratitude for what they have received in the last year. Regardless of the apparent danger, some locals even risked clambering down to the crater to retrieve the forfeited offerings, believing that these can bring good luck. For vacationers, this is really a surreal sight. Just witnessing courageous young men and women standing up so shut right at the edge of the steaming crater since they attempt to grab the offerings, is really a strange sensation.

The source of the ritual stems from the legend of Mt. Bromo, about a princess called RoroAnteng and her husband named JokoSeger. After many years of marriage, the couple remained childless. The gods granted them, 24 children, with the state that the 25th kid has to be thrown into the volcano as a human sacrifice.

The gods’ request was observed, and so the tradition of offering sacrifices to the volcano to appease the deities continues until today, although rather than humans, chickens, goats, and lettuce have been thrown into the crater as a sacrifice.

Commenting on the success of this traditional annual Mrs. EsthyRekoAstuti stated: “Ahead of the YadnyaKasada ritual, this Yearthe pre-event of called Exotica Bromo has been held, which is an attraction on its own. In turn, caused tourists to expand their period of stay here from the regular 1-2 nights to 3-4 nights. Almost 10 thousand tourists came and stayed to get a full 3 days, even though the official data still expect confirmation from the direction of Bromo-Tengger-Semeru.