Soft-Story Retrofit Building Owners Should Know About Los Angeles Earthquake Retrofit Program

The Northridge Earthquake on January 17, 1994, an earthquake measuring 6.7 on Rector Scale hit Los Angeles. The city came to a grinding halt with structures got destroyed by the earthquake. After the Northridge Meadows collapsed and killed 60 of its residents, it was realized that soft-story structures need to be rectified so that such an incident can be minimized.

There are a huge number of structures that have a soft story element. They all need to conform to the Los Angeles Earthquake Retrofit Program. It isn’t difficult to understand.

What is a soft-story building?

A soft story building is that building that has three or more stories located over the ground level and windows, large doors, commercial spaces and other openings in the place where there should be a shear wall to provide support to the upper floors.

The structure that has rooms above the carport, open areas, or garage, are soft-story buildings. The transmission of shear or lateral forces between the stories above and the earth cannot be done without the missing shear wall. They are wrongly designed. So, these buildings are prone to structural damage if an earthquake happens. The beams surrounding the parking areas are not usually that strong to support the entire building during an earthquake.

In 2015, an ordinance was passed in Los Angeles, Ordinance 183893 and Ordinance 184081. A list was compiled by the department of public safety that needs seismic retrofit and the Los Angeles Earthquake Retrofit Program that the whole process should end by 2022. There are 13,500 buildings in that list.

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