Performance Marketing: A Win-Win Marketing Strategy

Creating an effective marketing and advertising strategy is one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome as an entrepreneur. With a wide range of choices including traditional PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaigns, social media marketing, and performance-based marketing, making the right selection can quickly become overwhelming if you are unsure of where to be you want to focus your resources on.

One of the most popular and up and coming trends in the advertising and marketing industry, particularly in the digital realm, including is performance-based marketing. Understanding the advantages of choosing this performance-based marketing method over alternative solutions is a way to maximize your spending budget while getting the results you desire. 

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing is a new method used to save money for advertisers while optimizing results. While Where traditional conventional digital marketing strategies often utilize KPIs (key performance indicators (KPIs) such as clicks, impressions, and unique visitors, performance-based marketing goes even deeper by using KPIs such as leads, conversions, and the number of sales generated. When you are selling a product or service, using performance-based marketing is highly recommended can be very beneficial to avoid overspending or feeling discouraged from traditional marketing strategies that fall short of your expectations. 

Why Traditional Digital Marketing Strategies Metrics Fall Flat 

Choosing the right marketing strategy for your business is one of the biggest decisions to make, especially when you have a limited budget to work with as a start-up or small local company. Some of the most common traditional digital marketing methods that are available today include : 


PPC (Pay-Per-Click Marketing),

social media marketing, and display advertising.  (Using Graphics and Banners)But do the usual metrics associated with them always translate to the defined customer action?
With PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, it is easy to overextend any marketing budget you have set in place. PPC ads require you to invest a decided amount into a campaign, often only to deliver impressions and views as a result clicks and visits that don’t turn into leads. Further, when your ad does not appeal to prospective customers, you lose out on the opportunity to showcase your products and services. Additionally, once you have invested your budget into a PPC campaign, it is not possible to get it back, even if the ads you have launched are not receiving the click-through or conversion rates you desire. 


Display advertising is also similar to PPC advertising though it is more common to utilize graphics and banners for each individual campaign. Display advertising can lead to great success brand recognition once you have a clear understanding of your audience and their needs while browsing online. However, selecting the right domains and competing websites to advertise on requires time, effort, and expensive investments. And increased visibility doesn’t always ensure purchase, which is the ultimate impact any business is looking for on its bottom line. If you are unsure of how to begin advertising your website, skip display marketing altogether. 

Social media marketing, on the other hand, has become one of the most popular and trendy methods to market products, services, and brands today. While social media provides an array of tools to create a sense of community while attracting followers and sharing sponsored posts, there are no guarantees with this method. Marketers who specialize in social media marketing often, it requires more time to optimize ad campaigns, ramping up spending without delivering conversions and sales necessary to remain sustainable.

Social media marketing is only optimal once you have a complete grasp on how to appeal to your audience and the best type of campaigns to launch. 

Avoid Spending More Than Your Current Marketing Budget 

Setting a marketing budget is one of the first steps to take before launching a campaign, regardless of the route you choose to go into. With traditional display advertising, PPC strategies, and social media marketing, you run the risk of overspending for less-than-satisfactory results.

With performance-based marketing, you are only required to pay for results. When a campaign is not going as planned, your professional marketing team will readjust their strategy without allowing your budget to go to waste. 

Expedite Campaign Results 

Working together with a traditional marketing team can lead to lulls and a lack of data or the results you are looking to achieve. Traditional marketing campaigns often last anywhere from one week to more than a few months using the same messaging, copy, and imagery in hopes of catching on or generating leads.

However, with performance-based marketing, your business gets results in less time as you are paying only for the results you desire. 

Performance-based marketers understand the importance of honing in on an audience and working swiftly to shift and readjust their strategies. These marketers They work to improve the outcome of each individual campaign they are managing, ultimately expediting results for their clients. When working with performance marketing,  you gain peace of mind knowing that your budget is being well-spent while gaining real-time updates and data that pinpoint optimal campaign strategies that work best for your target audience. Avoid feeling left in the dark or out of the loop once you begin launching performance-based ad campaigns. 

Stay updated and informed throughout each step taken when working together with marketers who are familiar with performance-based strategies. Receive data and feedback with each new campaign tweak to learn more about which formats of advertising are most effective with your prospective customers. 

Small and Large Budgets Are Welcome 

One of the most appealing aspects of performance-based marketing is the ability to utilize this strategy regardless of the size of your budget. Advertisers and entrepreneurs alike are able to take advantage of performance-based marketing knowing that their investment is well-spent and making them a return delivers high-quality results. 

See Your ROI at All Times 

Knowing where your money is best spent whenever you launch a new marketing campaign is essential to avoid overspending or choosing a marketing method that is simply ineffective. With performance-based marketing, you can view a real-time snapshot of your ROI with each new campaign strategy you launch while working with a professional marketing and development team. You gain information regarding the specific costs of each lead, sale, and conversion you generate to determine which type of campaign is optimal for your business. 

Stay Ahead of the Market 

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a performance-based marketing strategy is the ability to stay ahead of the market while outperforming your competition. If you are working in a highly-competitive industry, performance-based marketing solutions expedite the process while providing innovative ways and valuable insight into your target audience and the demographics you want to reach. 

Because performance-based marketing is still new to the advertising realm, marketers are often willing to remain flexible while working diligently to hone in on your target consumers. Marketers who are well-versed in performance-based marketing are more optimistic when launching campaigns using new social media platforms and tools. Using performance-based marketing solutions provides you with unique opportunities to appeal to users on newly-released social media platforms, chatbots, and various messaging apps that have not yet been tapped by your competition. 

How is Performance-Based Marketing a Win-Win for Entrepreneurs and Marketers Alike? 

Advertisers are likely to feel more willing to participate in an ad campaign if they are not risking their entire marketing budget. With a performance-based marketing strategy, advertisers are risking less while still receiving results. 

Performance-based marketing does not require advertisers to pay for a campaign unless results are delivered. Rather than spending thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars and feeling disappointed with a lack of conversions, sales, and visitors, it performance-based marketing solves the issue by delivering what it promises. 


As for the marketers, it propels them to find new and creative ways to improve their service and make their clients happy and satisfied. It encourages them to always look and reach for measurable results — ones that they can showcase to other potential customers.

When you have a clear overview of today’s top marketing methods and solutions, move forward with a plan of action that is most beneficial for your business and the current business model you have in place. Working together with a professional digital marketing agency and launching a performance-based marketing campaign is one way to expedite the process of truly honing in on your ideal customer.