Office Layouts: How to Make Yours the Best

Your office layout is an essential factor that affects the way your employees are going to perform their tasks. After finding the perfect commercial property to rent in Birmingham, you have to make a decision on your office layout. Ensure that you have identified planning objectives of your office. Once they are in place, think about the task types your employees perform and their need for interaction with clients and each other plus the accessibility of support functions. Here are the types of office layouts you can choose from:

The private rooms

This is ideal for those who always have one-on-one meetings with their clients such as healthcare professionals and legal firms. The advantage of this layout is that employees have their rooms; they can arrange, furnish and decorate the rooms according to their personal and professional needs. Focus, quietness and privacy are the foremost advantages of such workspaces.

Traditional Office Layout

This is made up of built-in individual offices, which means that they are semi-permanent or permanent. This office layout style often includes a combination of meeting spaces and enclosed offices with a reception area that is open for receiving clients.

Cubicle Office Layout

Another common office layout is desks designated within cubicles. Generally, these can come in row design whereby you arrange cubicles horizontally across the room or in quads whereby you arrange cubicles in a 2 by 2 layout. This office layout is ideal for big organisations with teams or individuals who require some privacy such as auditing firms, telemarketing companies and banks.

Cubicles are an excellent middle ground on a privacy-collaboration spectrum. They enable open and quick communication while at the same time offering privacy and reducing distraction for focused work, sensitive documents and phone calls.

Team-Based Office Layout

It’s a newer type of office layout where you group your workers by teams. The size and space that you will allocate to each team will vary depending on the kind of work that you want to get done. Usually, a team workspace will include a collaboration space and individual workstations. This decreases the need to have meeting rooms.

Hybrid Office Layout

It’s among the newest office types and combines elements of the other office layouts based on your company’s needs. Think of creating an office layout is like choosing from a food menu, and you have to pick various environments based on your company’s needs. Innovative new office systems make this possible and easier.

Co-working Space

A co-working space is a third-party office provider offering a wide range of workspaces for organisations and individuals. These include office suites, individual desk rentals and entire office floors for big companies. This is ideal for small companies, freelancers and startups without office capital, as well as large companies who enjoy modern facilities.

Find commercial property to rent in Birmingham and start creating your office layout. Remember an effective office layout will keep the morale of your employees high, enable productivity plus optimise workflow.