LH-Crypto – scammers or honest and reliable broker?

The presentation of the LH-Crypto project and the ICO budding world broker took place in December last year. The pace of development of the company in less than 10 months is amazing – the project enlisted the support of 12 thousand investors.

The LH-Crypto service has already established itself as a reliable broker – if previously trading newbies experienced difficulties before trading expensive currencies, today a novice user with 10 euros in his account is able to enter the broker community and become a trader. Experts call an innovative project a simple way to get used to the principle of trading – the process is no more difficult than trading on Forex.

Overview of the possibilities of a new broker for crypto traders

The new retail broker has attracted an impressive number of traders with its advanced functionality. The service has a number of amenities for customers:

  • Trading conditions for users improved;
  • Leverage is 1: 100;
  • In the project concept there are fractional volumes and CFD contracts;
  • Availability of trading in the crypto market for traders with a minimum capital;
  • There is a Fiat verification option – the option is supported by the KYC standard, but the functionality in the service is available to clients with “Standard” and “Pro” accounts.

Also, the developers have provided the availability of privacy of personal data, which is important for most clients of brokerage campaigns.

Anonymity within the service

The main condition for many traders is confidentiality. Without the guarantee of anonymity, many users deny themselves the opportunity to use one or another crypto service. The new retail exchange has the option of anonymity – citizens of countries where trading crypto currencies is prohibited, can also participate in trading using LH-Crypto.

Tools of trade brokerage service LH-Crypto

Users note the versatility of trading tools in a new generation of crypto exchanges:

  • 55 crypto pairs in the general access for trading;
  • 50 classic currency pairs for trading;
  • Available trading shares of the 100 largest companies in the world;
  • The service has a list of precious metals and other types of valuable raw materials;
  • In the presence of synthetic tools that combine cryptocurrencies with smart contracts for raw materials and precious metals.

Traders carry out all operations virtually – for this there is a special service from the creators of LH-Crypto – the “Metatrader” terminal.

Terminal for crypto operations

Modern software is designed to quickly carry out all the necessary transactions of traders. The terminal has the latest technical indicators and offers the following option for crypto merchants:

  • The developers presented a line of additional options for users of the terminal;
  • “Metatrader 5” can be downloaded in two versions available on the Internet – for PC and a program for gadgets;
  • The web terminal functions without the need for installation on a laptop computer or mobile phone.

The peculiarity of an innovative crypto broker also lies in simplified account management – traders are exempt from a number of additional payments that exist in other exchange systems.

LH-Crypto transaction and withdrawal system

In addition to the lack of a fee for standard transactions, each client of the brokerage service has a reduced percentage of cash transactions:

  • The commission for processing a trader’s order under the LH-Crypto project is 0.2% for new accounts
  • commission for client order for PRO accounts – 0.14%;
  • There is also an option for experienced users of the “Rolling Swap” – the swap is withdrawn from the account 24 hours after the operation to open an order.

Also, traders who are not yet part of a crypto society can replenish their account via bank transfer or via electronic payments (“Web Money” or “Qiwi”) – the euro currency is used for conversion. In this case, the client will receive compensation from the EPL commission in the form of a bonus from LH-Crypto.

Cryptocurrencies have become available to anyone who wants to try their hand at trading – this has become possible thanks to the innovative brokerage service LH-Crypto. According to user feedback, the new crypto exchange contributes to real earnings in the field of cryptocurrency.