Intellectual Property Rights Which Must Be Respected

Intellectual property refers to the various rights that serve to protect intellectual creations. The term is thus very far-reaching, but it simply means the measures taken to safeguard properties of individuals.

It is about intangible goods, which is why the term of intellectual property law applies. In addition, the synonym “intellectual property” is also used.

Intellectual property rights apply to intangible assets, which are products that are intangible and yet owned by their developers and creators. These items include, for example, images, words, tunes, ideas, programs, inventions, and brands.

For the term “intellectual property,” a definition that applies in principle is not yet available. Rather, the extent of intellectual property rights varies depending on the sources consulted. For this reason, only the most important protective rights, which are mentioned as a fundamental agreement, will be considered in more detail below.

Which Intellectual Property Rights Must be Respected?

As already mentioned, the scope may differ from the law of intellectual property. Among the fundamental similarities as legal areas include, in particular, copyright and industrial property. Overlaps can also occur in competition law.

Overall, the following areas of law may be considered as intellectual property rights:

  • Copyright
  • Right to your picture
  • Intellectual Property:
  • Patent law
  • Trademarks
  • Design Law
  • Utility Model Law
  • Plant variety right
  • Semiconductor right
  • Competition Law:
  • Competition law
  • Trade secrets
  • Competition law protection

Roughly intellectual property can be divided into literary and artistic property – i.e. copyright – and industrial property – above all patent and trademark law.

A differentiation between copyright and industrial property is provided by the emergence of legal protection: while industrial property rights require a registration – which is why they are also called register rights – for protection to take effect, copyright arises automatically from the time the work is created. Note that Intellectual Property helps in the development of the country.