Effective Design Elements You Need in Your Digital Signage

If you are looking to increase your brand awareness and boost your sales, then you want to consider utilizing digital signage within your location or as advertising somewhere outside your primary space. The right kind of digital signage can efficiently communicate what your brand stands for while also making your customer rethink what your brand is capable of, and potentially changing their understanding of your business.

The goal is to have digital signage that encourages potential customers to think about your brand for a little bit longer than they usually would. You can do this through digital signage by providing them with new ideas, customized services, or relevant retail information.

To learn more about how to make this type of marketing work for you, here are three tips for highlighting effective design elements in your digital signage.

1. Prioritize clear, concise communication.

Thanks in part to the amount of digital communication that an individual encounters each day, the average person’s attention span is only eight seconds.

As a marketer who wants to utilize digital signage, this means that you have to think about the limited amount of time you have to capture the attention of your intended audience. The only way to do this is through clear and concise communication.

Make sure that you aren’t cluttering your digital signage with random text or useless images; instead, all the information provided should be necessary and easy to understand. Furthermore, practice restraint and limit your digital signage campaigns to one idea and only have up to two short sentences on each slide. If you need more space to present more information, then opt to utilize multiple slides instead of attempting to cram everything onto one screen.

2. Carefully pick colors.

When choosing the font colors you are going to be using in your digital signage, make sure you are keeping the target customer in mind. This is because what teenagers react positively to with mall wayfinding signage design is going to be very different from what attracts adults who are hurrying through an airport. Therefore, by thoroughly understanding your goals and audience, you are more likely to be able to decide on the appropriate colors.

On the one hand, if you employ too many colors or choose the wrong colors, then your digital signage can almost instantly seem off-putting. However, you don’t want to go to the other extreme and have nothing eye-catching in the design. That is why it is highly recommended that you work with the best digital signage creators to ensure you achieve the perfect balance.

3. Incorporate your brand.

One of the principal purposes of digital signage is to entertain and to provoke interest in your company; therefore, it is crucial that you incorporate your brand messaging and vibe into the signage. After all, you want to take this opportunity to demonstrate your brand’s persona as thoroughly as possible. The positive associations you can form through digital signage will play a significant role in keeping consumers interested in your brand and committed to continuing to connect with your company.

For some businesses, humor may be a suitable approach for transforming content from mediocre to attention-grabbing. Alternatively, it may be more valuable to have content that sparks a conversation or that reinforces your credibility.

Whatever direction you choose to take your content, pay particular attention to showcasing your brand’s values and emphasizing what makes you unique compared to the competition.

To wrap it up, digital signage with effective design elements can enhance your business by captivating potential customers’ attention and bringing to life your company’s mission statement, values, and credibility, while also ensuring an overarching brand experience for the patron.

Does your business use digital signage? If so, what design elements have you found to work best? If not, what is stopping you from including it in your marketing plan? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!


Zak Zakaria is a Waymaker at dezigntechnic in Dubai who also previously worked as the company’s Graphic Designer and Art Director. Zak is a creative with work experience in multiple multinational agencies such as JWT and Saatchi & Saatchi. Signage design is a family business, making Zak’s personal experience with signage his longest professional commitment.