Business Achievements of Peter Loftin

Peter Loftin, one of the most famous businessmen of the United States, has become synonym to entrepreneurship, hard work, dedication and one’s devotion to achieve the unbelievable success starting from scratch.

His life story is an example for those who get tired and impatient and are not willing to go ahead. Success does not come to any person overnight and Peter Loftin is a perfect example of this. If you will read his biography, you will not only be inspired and motivated but it will also encourage you to achieve higher levels of accomplishments.

Born in a very humble family, his life shows how your commitment and enthusiasm can help you achieve the impossible. Those, who want to be successful entrepreneurs, must take lesson from his life, his career, and accomplishments.

His First Business

He started the telecommunication company BTI in Raleigh, in North Carolina, at the age of 23 which went on to be the biggest company of its kind in the United States.

For his telecommunication company and other such ventures, Peter Loftin was recognized and awarded by the North Carolina Government several times. He also established the National Historic Trust and BTI Centre of Performing Arts Patron which also gave employment to many.

At the initial stages Peter Loftin sold cordless phones going from business to business. After the tremendous success of BTI, he went on founding various career institutes which contributed in generating employment and development on a grand scale especially in North Carolina State which was then struggling with unemployment.

Here are some of his achievements other than BTI:

  • BTI earned tremendous turnover and fruitful rewards which encouraged Peter Loftin to go ahead with other projects. He did not stop at the huge success of his telecommunication company and is still working hard to achieve his various goals. Recently he has founded a whisky distillery by the name Bardstown Bourbon which is the largest distillery company in the United States. He is planning to carry this distillery to its ultimate growth.
  • Being a great fan of art, he has shown interest in developing it to the fullest. For this he bought Casa Casurina in the year 2000, which, is now a part of his club business and a chain of boutique hotels. He opened the doors of Casa Casurina for the development of arts and crafts so that various events could be organized here.
  • In order to generate employment and serve people with good food, he is in the direction to open new restaurants and hotels.
  • In order to counter terror activities in the USA, he has founded CM3 with collaboration of Michael Harley. This group is tackling various wars against terrorism acts.

It will be unfair if some of the charity works done by Peter Loftin are not mentioned here. He always worked for the well-being of the down trodden as himself being from a poor family he knew the sufferings poor people face. He has created better working conditions for his employees and is still working hard for the betterment of the society.