Achievements and Success of Peter Loftin

Peter Loftin is a well-known name in the USA for his various achievements in different fields. He is considered amongst those personalities who have climbed the ladder of success with sheer determination, practice, focus, and hard work. Coming from a very humble background, he is an inspiration for those who want to start something new in their life and taste success.

Peter Loftin’s mother was a teacher and his father was a Korean War veteran. With his intelligent business capability, he has gained good status and reputation in the American society. He has indulged his life working continuously for the betterment of the people of USA and his charitable works fetched him unmatched standing among people.

Peter loftin’s achievements show his hard work behind his tremendous business success which did not come to him overnight. The person, who started selling portable phones, became successful in establishing most prosperous telecommunication company. This became possible only through his endless commitment and passion towards his work. He is the only founder as well as chairman of Business telecom Inc, who with the support of his employees could take his company to the highest levels of success that one can ever imagine.

Peter Loftin and His various Achievements

The entire life of Peter Loftin reveals number of facts that are quite interesting to know. Raleigh, an important city of North Carolina, saw Peter Loftin as a major employer by offering jobs to number of people in his company, BTI, which became the first private organization giving jobs to a large number of people. National magazines printed his name and pictures on the front page of their editions. People, from various field showed interest in his history and he became an inspiration for many.

After he became successful in all those ventures he showed interest, he sold his BTI stock, valued over $ 200 million, to a private equity company. He remained the chairman of BTI until his retirement along with other board members like Paul J Rizzo and others. In North Carolina, Peter Loftin was also member of Business and Community Affairs and served this institution for a long time.

In his most recent business ventures, he founded the largest ever whisky distillery in USA in 2016. With the name Bardstown Bourbon Company, this distillery started production in 2016. After seeing the incredible success of this distillery, he announced that he wants to enhance the production capacity up to 1.5 gallon per year.

One more venture of Peter Loftin, GlobeSecNine, founded solely by him is now identified as the Torch Hill Investment Partners. The main purpose of this establishment is to support financially those companies that are dealing in defense equipment. The small companies that are associated with this company directly or indirectly also get support from Torch Hill Investment Partners.

Peter Loftin is a person who likes to see people around him happy and contended and for this he sometimes go out of the way to fulfill their needs. Peter Loftin is person who is a true human being with top most qualities.