5 ways to make more money from your marketing agency

Running a marketing agency can be hard work, and there are many plates to juggle. As well as worrying about your own marketing, you have to get into the psyche of your clients’ customers and create content to suit their needs. Perhaps you specialize in a particular niche where you can hone in on your craft, like content writing or search engine optimization, or maybe you’re a more general agency and offer everything all under one roof?

Below, we’ve rounded up five great ways to deliver a better level of service, find new clients, and make more money from your marketing agency in 2019 and beyond.

Upping your prices


One of the simplest ways to make more money from your marketing agency is to up your prices and charge a premium for key services. Take a look around at the wider industry and compare your prices and level of service to your competitors, both locally and internationally, and see where you fit. If you’re undercharging, you’re doing yourself a disservice and cutting your profit margins. Charge a reasonable price, and customers will keep coming back to you.


Diversifying into new service offerings


Another way to add more money to your wallet is to offer new services and become one of those agencies that offer everything under one roof. Of course, if you go down this path, you need to be able to back it up and show clients why they should choose you – and how you can deliver on so many fronts. Some agencies become greedy and enter into thinking that a one-size-fits-all approach is going to make them millions – this isn’t always the case.


Outsourcing addon services


Rather than hiring lots of new staff, and hiring them too quickly when growing your business, you should consider the benefits of outsourcing some of your services to reputable firms in your niche. White label social media, for example, allows you to sell social media services to your clients without having to invest in a social media manager and pay for their training and development. Outsourcing also reduces risk – you can cancel at any time when a client drops off, but a member of staff has to be given notice or new responsibilities to earn their keep.



It may sound strange to rebrand if you’re trying to save and earn more money, but giving your business a fresh new look can help to set you apart from the competition. Think about the ways in which you can transform your business and its appearance, and you’ll soon be on to a winner. A/B testing can help you find a style that works for your organization.

Referral scheme


Finally, consider offering a referral scheme and giving clients and bloggers the option to earn some money by promoting your business. Affiliate marketing is big business and enables growth without the risk of paying for advertising up front. Experiment with different styles, like banner adverts, offering bounties per sale, or using influencer marketing, to see what works.

Whatever avenue you go down, we wish you the very best of luck with your business!