3 Must Haves to Reinvent Your Business’ Look

Whether it is a traditional office setting or a home-based business, your workspace does not only have an influence on your creativity, mood and efficiency, but it also conveys to other people how seriously you often take yourself, your services as well as the clientele you’re interacting with.

Reinventing the dynamics of your existing office can be done all at once or in stages depending on the time and budget you can afford. For instance, you can add custom rugs to add a touch of style and comfort to your business office’s overall outlook. Here are three must-haves to reinvent your business’ look:

Custom Rugs

With custom rugs, the possibilities are endless and only limited by the imagination of the designer. They can fit virtually anywhere because they are designed specifically for your business. You’re not tied to the typical shapes and sizes and you do not have to settle for any colour that works well enough. Generally, customising allows you to get the exact colours or colour you want your rug to have: no compromise.

That’s a huge time saver as well; you do not have to scour from one store to another looking for something that will meet minimum standards because you will immediately get exactly what you want. You will also have a say over every detail. This means that you can create a piece reflecting your personality. The rug will undoubtedly be yours since you will select the patterns, borders and style.

Colourful Pillows

After adding the rug to your business office, you can add some pillows in it to make the workspace pop with colours. Throw pillows are inexpensive, and they’ll make the sofas in your office look very homely and comfortable. When it comes to throw pillows, the choice can be extensive since there many styles and colours. The type of throw pillows you choose can modify the look of your business. Pillows can look like a remarkable splash of colour even in a bland room.


What gives any business a personality is the way it is accessorised with framed photos, sculpture, paintings plus mementoes that have a special meaning to the occupant. However, there is a danger in going to extremes with knickknacks and treating your workspace like your home. Even if it looks like you spend most of your time at your workplace, the items you bring have to be harmonious with the professional image that you would like to project.

For example, a customer engaging the services you are offering as a lawyer to defend her in a major case might decide to go somewhere else if the first thing they notice in your workspace is a wall of your kid’s crayon drawings and a bookcase that is full of stuffed animals.

You should instead look for some beautiful pieces of art designed by young, struggling artists who are trying to make a sale. Purchase a few that will go with the design or colour scheme of your business office. When you mount the exquisite pieces of art on the walls, you’ll realise that you made a great investment. If your business office is designed in a modern design or a monochromatic colour scheme, opt for paintings of patterns or abstracts.